Cybersecurity Month 2018

Mobile device safety is key

Smartphones have become a one-stop shop covering everything that we do. We use them to make online purchases, manage our bank accounts, keep track of email, and get the lowdown on what’s happening on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

These phones are convenient to use, light to carry, and always within arm’s reach…except when writing exams. For this reason, cybercriminals are developing all kinds of software to mine data from these devices.

This Cybersecurity Month, we want to help you to stay alert and ensure that your device is secure – no matter where you go, or how you use it.

Weekly focus areas

Each week we will highlight a mobile-related focus area so that you can learn something new that you can put it into practice. Please do share this information with your contacts so that they too can be cyber savvy.

Learn and win

We will give away prizes in our weekly quiz. To stand a chance of winning, ensure that you are eligible to participate then complete our weekly quiz correctly. It’s as easy as that.

Winners will be randomly selected and contacted via email.

So, are you ready to be cyber secure? Let’s go…