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Now that two-factor and multi-factor authentication is being adopted globally, some security experts are predicting that passwords will not be around for much longer. Additionally, voice recognition, one-time PINs, and fingerprint and retina scanning are becoming more popular choices to authenticate.

There are, however, those who think it will be around forever – but that the onus is on hardware and software manufacturers to up their security levels to prevent attacks. A further recommendation is that passwords will most likely be part of a multi-factor authentication.

As we head towards the fourth industrial revolution, we are sure that even more authentication methods will become available, since technology changes all the time.

Until such time that passwords become extinct, we recommend that you do what you can to protect yours – because it only takes one weak link to access UCT’s network. Nobody wants to be that weakest link, so use the information shared this past month to become password savvy and remember: NEVER SHARE YOUR PASSWORD WITH ANYONE.