CSM 2023 week4

In today's ever-changing world of technology, you might think your old mobile isn't good enough any more. However, before you rush to replace it with the latest model, you can take some practical steps to extend its lifespan while prioritising mobile security.

Extend the lifespan of your mobile device

Keeping your apps and the operating system current ensures your device remains secure, performs well, and takes advantage of new features. You can update apps on your devices through the Play Store for Android or the Apple App Store for iOS. To upgrade your device’s operating system, follow the instructions for Android or iOS. Enabling automatic updates for both apps and system updates is recommended. However, if you prefer to check for updates manually, you can do so using the abovementioned methods.

Decluttering is another essential part of maintaining your device. Removing unused apps can free up storage space and speed up your device, as these apps will no longer run in the background. Both Android and iPhone devices offer easy ways to declutter your device. Regularly moving data off your device, such as contacts you no longer need, photos, and settings, and storing them on external storage or in the cloud can help you maintain free storage space. This optimises your device's performance and ensures you have ample space for new data and applications. By managing your data efficiently and utilising external storage or cloud services, you can maximise your device's storage capacity and maintain its smooth operation.

Protecting your mobile device from accidental damage and wear and tear is essential to maintain its condition. A mobile phone case cover and a screen protector are simple yet effective ways to do this. Additionally, keeping your device clean is crucial, as dust and debris can accumulate in ports and openings, affecting device performance. You can easily clear these areas using a toothpick or cleaning cloth. Finally, keeping your device’s screen, sides, and back clean with gentle wipes will ensure it looks and performs at its best.

Taking care of your battery is crucial in extending the life of your device. It's essential to avoid regularly letting your phone's battery drain to zero, as this practice can negatively impact its lifespan. Overheating is also a concern, so protect your device from extreme heat, as it can stress the battery and lead to a shorter lifespan. If your battery shows signs of wear and tear, replacing it can be a cost-effective solution to extend your device's useful life.

Boost security when updates are unavailable

When your device's manufacturer stops providing official updates, your phone can become vulnerable to digital threats. However, there are measures you can take to ensure mobile security on your ageing device. 

One option is to install third-party firmware to keep your device up to date. However, to enhance security, please exercise caution when granting app permissions, and limit access to sensitive data and device functions. 

Installing and regularly updating anti-virus software is essential to protect your device from malware and security threats. Furthermore, updating your apps (as mentioned earlier) is crucial since outdated apps may be vulnerable to security risks. 

While these tips can help to mitigate threats when you no longer receive official updates, if you have the budget, an easier option would be to consider purchasing a newer model with regular updates and enhanced security features.

Budget-friendly options

If your budget is tight and you can't afford to buy a new device, there are practical alternatives to ensure cost-effectiveness and mobile security. 


  • Explore open-source operating systems and applications that are community-driven and regularly updated, even after official support has ended. 
  • Join forums and communities related to your device to access unofficial support. These open-source operating systems and applications are found in various online communities, alternative app stores, custom ROM forums, and websites hosting open-source projects. These resources are excellent places to explore cost-effective and secure alternatives for your mobile device when official support is no longer available.
  • Choose third-party repair services that offer extended warranties. This provides an affordable option rather than buying a new device. Certified refurbished devices with warranties can be more affordable than purchasing new ones.
  • Consider trade-in programs offered by manufacturers and retailers. These programs allow you to exchange your old device for a discount on a new one.

In conclusion, you can easily extend the lifespan of your mobile device without spending much. By taking good care of the device and making wise choices, you can ensure your device runs smoothly and securely. This will help you get the most out of your trusted companion while also giving importance to mobile security.