This year's Cybersecurity Month theme is Mobile Security. Each week we will share valuable tips, insights, and resources covering different aspects on how to keep your mobile devices secure.

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Let's make this Cybersecurity Month an informed one!

Week 1: Mobile security basics

Learn about the importance of mobile security, such as regular operating system updates, safe app downloads, app maintenance, device decluttering, and mobile antivirus protection.

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Week 2: Privacy and access control

Discover the power of multi-factor authentication (MFA) and learn how to stay safe on public WiFi by focusing on safeguarding personal data, managing access control, and using biometric security.

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Week 3: Browser safety

Explore the benefits of private browsing and learn how to spot suspicious web addresses to avoid phishing. Enhance browser security through efficient tab management, safe extension usage, and timely updates.

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CSM2023 week three
Week 4: Device longevity and alternatives

Find out how to extend your device's life, optimise performance, and find alternative security measures and budget-friendly options. 

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CSM week4