Did you know that illegally downloading or using unlicenced software can land you with a hefty fine or disciplinary action?

UCT respects copyright law and requires that you abide by the law, too.

If it’s copyrighted, don’t download it

All copyrighted content is protected by laws, and you may not download it without permission from the owner. If you are caught illegally downloading copyrighted content, you could face disciplinary and/or legal action. Your UCT network account will also be disabled should you be found to be in contravention of copyright laws and offend a second time.

Some illegal downloads may contain malware, which could infect your computer and the UCT network. To guard against this, follow these tips to ensure your device and home network are secure and not easy targets for cybercriminals:

  • Make sure you have anti-virus installed on your devices. At UCT, you have access to Trellix, which you can install on your UCT-owned and personal computers.

  • Keep your operating system, software, and anti-virus up to date at all times. The latest security updates contain patches and fixes to keep your devices and information secure.

Additionally, should UCT be listed as an offending institution, the university could get a bad reputation for allowing illegal downloads, and in extreme cases, UCT could be subjected to legal action. Furthermore, Internet Service Providers (ISP) and other organisations may choose to block UCT IP addresses. This would have an adverse effect on teaching, learning, and research activities at UCT, as these activities rely on national and international co-operation with other educational and research institutions.

Ensure that you abide by UCT’s policies and guidelines

The UCT Policy and Rules on Internet and Email use outlines the conditions that you need to abide by when using these resources. Failure to comply with these conditions will be handled in accordance with procedures established for staff or student discipline. As an ISPA member, UCT is expected to abide by their policies around illegal content downloads and circulation via our network.

Let’s all work together to ensure that we respect copyright.