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Report an incident

A computer security incident at UCT, is an event involving an IT resource at University of Cape Town that has the potential of having an adverse effect on the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of that resource or connected resources.

Resources include individual computers, servers, storage devices and media, and mobile devices, as well as the information, messages, files, and/or data stored on them. Prompt detection and appropriate handling of these security incidents is necessary to protect UCT's information and communication technology assets.

Security incidents could involve, but are not limited to, any of the following:

  • attempted or successful breaches of facilities or systems that store confidential information (either paper-based or in electronic format)
  • any violation of the UCT computer security policies and standards
  • unauthorised computer access of any kind compromised user accounts or login details (e.g. sharing or hacking of passwords or access details)
  • the theft of a computing device (e.g. PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device) or any device containing UCT information (e.g. DVDs, flash drives or hard drives)
  • the loss, corruption or compromise of any UCT data
  • physical damage to computer systems
  • the presence of a virus, spyware, ransomware or any other malicious program
  • posting restricted or confidential data to publicly-accessible websites
  • sending restricted or confidential data to unauthorized recipients

How do I report a computer security incident? You can log an incident by sending an email to