Should you require any assistance from the UCT CSIRT team, please send an email to

PGP public key of the team

Key ID: FD7703B5B9E29541
Key size: 4096 bit
Expiration: 2029-03-20
Fingerprint: 7F54 2EBB F918 17FF 1B1B 209A AD3E B272 BF6B 73C8
Download: UCT CSIRT PGP key

FIRST membership

Due to the extensive information and cybersecurity-related work done by the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT), UCT became the first higher education institution in Africa to become a full member of FIRST.

Recognised as a global leader in incident response and security teams, FIRST, has over 600 members from public, private and educational institutions.

Connect with the UCT CSIRT Team

Should you have a query regarding the UCT CSIRT team's FIRST membership, contact them via their FIRST profile.